• Facade consultancy
  • Glass resourcing
  • Glass processing and supply
  • Glass installation (building enveloping & glazing)
  • Service & Maintenance

Harsha Glass has expertise in the design, engineering, fabrication, assembly and erection of custom facade systems, providing complete design-build services to the construction marketplace. We specialize in innovative architecture and challenging building projects. No project is too large, no building site too difficult for our seasoned operations teams. Our work experience includes many projects with specialized materials, complex geometry, novel structural and mechanical system designs. Harsha curtain-wall, facade and skylight systems combine innovative design with state-of-the-art materials and performance.

Modern Technology: We house some of the latest glass processing equipment within our fully equipped manufacturing workshops across India which enables us to supply customized glass installations without any delay to your schedule. We boast about our substantial investments in importing highly advanced glass processing machinery and advanced technology suitable for various operations such as cutting, tempering, insulating (double glazing), laminating, drilling, milling and so on.

Strategic Location: Our modern warehouses are strategically located at various centers across the country in proximity to a shipping port for easy logistic operations to our export countries. We supply fabricated glass products to regions across the Indian-subcontinent, Africa, Middle East and South East Asian countries.