Harsha SAFE is the trademark of laminated glass of Harsha Exito engineering Pvt Limited. Produced by combining two or more panes of glass with polyvinly butyral (PVB).

When broken tends to keep splinters in place therefore minimizing the risks of injury caused by broken glass. Therefore it is called safety glass. Laminated safety glasses prevent or slow down break-ins depending on the thickness of PVB, and the extend of the attack. Therefore, it is recommended to use in:

  • Shop windows
  • Overhead glazing,
  • Glazing up to 80 cm above floor level
  • Glazing from floor level to ceiling (without any frame in between)
  • Glazing in doors and glazing adjacent to doors as well.
Combination UV Transmittance (ISO 9050)
4+4 mm Clear float 43.3%
4+4 clear Float + 0.38 mm TROSIFOL PVB &1t; 2.4%
4+4 clear Float + 0.76 mm TROSIFOL PVB &1t; 0.5%
4+4 clear Float +1.14 mm TROSIFOL PVB &1t; 0.07%
4+4 clear Float +1.52 mm TROSIFOL PVB &1t; 0.02%