edge Processing

Bevelling: It is the grinding process of glass in 90o angle on glass edge and desirable angle on front of the glass. Width of bevelled is changed as to the angle. During the bevelling process edges of the glass becames matt.


Max : 2000 x 2500 mm Min : 150 x 150 mm

GROOVING : It is the process of shaping the glass surface by carving it in 2 mm on glass surface.

EDGE POLISHING : It is the process of shaping the glass edges. The grinding types; taking the sharpness of the edges is arrised edge, grinding th edges with 90o and 45o slope is flat grinding, grinding the edges like pen-point is C grinding.

During the grinding process edges of the glass becames matt. Polishing can be done as an secondary process.


Max : 2600 x 4000 mm Min : 300 x 300 mm

surface Processing

HOLE : It is the process of drilling the glass with or without countersunk in various diameters. Diameters of holes generally should not be less than the thickness of the glass.


Max : 2300 x 4500 mm

SANDBLASTING : The sandblasting process is the removal of silisyum particles from the surface of glass using silica sand. In this way microscopic cavities occur on the glass surface and due to the refraction occuring in different directions our eyes perceives the glass to be white.


Max : 2600 x 5000 mm